Gatewood to EmCee Homebuying Debt2Wealth Seminar

IMG_0155Gatewood has been select to moderate the Homebuying Debt2Wealth Seminar. The event focuses on financial empowerment through the creation of wealth.

The event which is featured by Kia Coppedge provides tips on: How to get Mortgage Ready, The Credit Game, The Realty Process, How to use a 203K Program to renovate your new home, Various Down Payment Assistance Programs, How the Home Inspections Protects You, The Appraising Process, Home Insurance Tips, The Title Company Duties, The Pros & Cons about How to Deed your property, How to use Insurance while living to Generate Lifetime Income, How the new Tax Laws affect Homeowners/Investors and How to get out of any Debt.

The event will take place over 10 months, starting March 31st 2018.

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